The Great Gatsby Window Unveiling: Breakfast at Tiffany with Baz Luhrmann

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Living out a style and childhood fantasy is always a surreal moment. For us, it was having breakfast at Tiffany & Co. And if that wasn't enough to send us over the edge, we listened to movie genius Baz Luhrmann and Academy Award winning costume designer Catherine Martin take us through the wild and beautiful journey that brought The Great Gatsby film adaptation together, all while we ate mini quiches and sipped coffee out of Tiffany's branded coffee cups. One word: heaven.

Tiffany's The Great Gatsby Collection, inspired by Baz Luhrmann's film in collaboration with Catherine Martin, was launched on April 17. "Fitzgerald was a Tiffany's customer," remarks Martin, as she gives context to the historical connection between The Great Gatsby and the famed jewelry institution.

"They are an opera company of beauty. They dedicate their lives to making something true and beautiful." - Baz Luhrmann on the Tiffany & Co team and their attention to detail and expertise.

In celebration of the collection launch, the store unveiled their Jazz Age inspired windows, featuring opulent and iconic pieces from the film that are also available for purchase. The most noteworthy pieces are "the Daisy headband with the feather and the hand pieces, they define the collection," said Martin. And when asked, "what's the one piece you wish you could take home with you?" she replied, "Definitely the rose cocktail ring with the big yellow diamond."

Click through the gallery to see the incredible Jazz Age glamour windows inspired by Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby film.

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