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Emma Thompson's Style Transformation

Emma Thompson has been a fixture in the movies for many years, and yet she's barely aged. The actress turns 54 on April 15th, and she looks incredible.

One of our editors is a major Jane Austen buff, and as such loves Emma's performance in "Sense & Sensibility" from 1995. But the best part is, Emma has appeared in such a wide range of movies (from "Love Actually" and "Much Ado About Nothing," to the "Harry Potter" series and "Nanny McPhee") that no matter what your preference in movies, chances are you've seen her in something you loved!

We've noticed a few trends in her style, that she definitely loves a fur shawl here and there, and the lady has a preference for black, white and neutrals -- though she certainly throws in a few pops of color (see the photo to the right, for instance).

Click through the gallery above to see Emma's style transformation through the years!

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