The Best Prom Dresses for Red Hair

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A high school prom is one of those nights you'll remember forever, and the pictures will be there to prove it. If you're stressed about looking gorgeous in the perfect dress, we totally understand. We've enlisted fashion designer and former Project Runway contestant Nick Verreos to give his expert advice on finding the best prom dress for you. Our first task? Tackling dresses by what looks best for your hair color. We've start with one of the trickiest shades - red!

"Redheads look amazing in green, especially jewel tones like emerald," Nick told us in an exclusive interview. We're thinking shades of mint cant't hurt either - on-trend, perfect for spring and in the green family. "Metallics like gold are gorgeous, and so are royal blues," he continued.

Well, there you have it! If you want a dress that perfectly highlights your hair color, stick with Nick's advice. Now that doesn't meant redheads can't wear any other colors - after all, you want to feel comfortable at prom. If you want to stick to the greens and golds, click through the gallery to see our picks for a prom dress that will make your red hair - and you - look amazing.
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