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When we asked our editors to send us their prom photos, we weren't surprised by the reactions we heard: "I don't know where they are," "I'll have to have my parents scan them," and our personal favorite, "Oh gosh, I had hoped to forget that phase."

Unearthing these treasures reminds us of how important prom is -- at that key moment in a teen's life. From picking out the best dress in the city (where was Rent the Runway back then?) to making sure your updo was perfect, it wasn't easy getting ready for the big day. All of this, along with finding -- or being asked by -- the perfect date, made the pressure of prom nearly unbearable.

Our editors have lived all over the place: from Minnesota, San Diego and Pittsburgh, to Greenwich, and even the Big Apple. As such, each prom (and the style of dress) was totally different. It's one of the aspects we love about modern-day proms: the individuality of not only the attendees and ensembles they're wearing, but the event itself! Whether their prom was very formal or casual, all of our editors looked great -- even if they claim they wish to forget it now.

Click through the gallery above to see our editors best prom pictures, and a few stories of their special night!

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