Style Throwback: The Wildest and Wackiest of the MTV Movie Awards

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The MTV Movie Awards are coming up -- for which we know we're in for a great evening -- and we can't wait to see who wins Best Kiss and Best Villain! Plus, did you see that Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane(Ted) are up for Best Fight? Epic. It's an awards show that is quite different than most!

One aspect that is surely unique about this show is the way the stars dress for the red carpet. Similar to the Grammy Awards, it seems to us that often the bigger and bolder the outfit, the better.

When the MTV Movie Awards first began in the early 1990's, the red carpet was fairly casual. While it's still much more laid back than say, the Golden Globes, in recent years we've seen the celebrity attendees kick it up a few notches. ​While some chose to go glam, however, others have chosen to step outside the box, ​sometimes with disastrous fashion consequences! ​We took a walk down memory lane with the MTV Movie Awards, and found some of the wackiest (and most cringe-worthy) ensembles of years past.

The '90s and early 2000s were filled with midriff-baring tops, and we saw far too many awkwardly placed slits and sheer fabrics. Some ladies cut it close(no pun intended) and are lucky their outfits didn't result in wardrobe malfunctions! From Cindy Crawford and Sharon Stone, to Pink and Katy Perry, the fashion risks kept coming in droves.

Click through the gallery to see for yourself -- but we're warning you, some of the looks may break your stylish heart!
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