Common Beauty Mistakes Made on a First Date

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First dates are nerveracking, whether it's the first first date, or the 45th.

As you're getting ready to go out with that hunky guy you met last weekend, you may be so nervous that you over think, well, everything. There's some common beauty mistakes that lots of women make -- from wearing too much makeup to overloading on the fragrance -- that are sure to turn your date off.

Stick to these tips to avoid 11 beauty mistakes you might be making on that first date, and keep him coming back for more! The important thing is to keep the focus on you, and how incredible, smart, and funny you are. (Oh, and looking gorg doesn't hurt either!)

So use your makeup to emphasize you best features, not replace them (a.k.a. fake eyelashes) -- and don't let too much gloss keep him from giving you that goodnight kiss.

Click through the gallery above to see what mistakes you might be making, and need to avoid!

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