The List Report: Spring Leather

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The List Report: Spring Leather

The Cambridge Satchel Company ‘Flouro’

Who needs basic brown or leather when this bright bag just screams spring?

Alice + Olivia Leather Boat Neck Mini Dress

This leather splurge is the epitome of chic.

Clover Canyon Leather Shorts

There’s no mistaking these shorts for a spring staple in this gorgeous turquoise hue.

HIDE Jamie Long Line Biker in Mint

When we think biker jackets, we typically picture fall, but this aqua beauty has us thinking otherwise.

Express (Minus the) Leather Crop Biker Jacket

No leather, no problem. This blue jacket looks just as good as the real thing.

Forever 21 Quilted Panel Moto Vest

Talk about toning down the toughness! This peach hue makes a moto vest a little more girly.

Zelda Leather Peplum Top

A red leather peplum top adds a little sass to a spring office look.

Leather is no longer just a fall staple.

If the spring runways are any indication, leather can be worn anywhere, anytime, and in any color! We're used to seeing the tough-girl fabric used on motorcycle jackets and pants, but we're pleased to report that this spring, it will be everywhere - from skirts and dresses to shorts and accessories. If that's not enough, spring leather isn't going back to black anytime soon. We're loving all the leather pieces we're seeing in fabulous spring colors, like aqua, peach, and green.

Click through the gallery to see our favorite spring leather pieces that you can buy now!

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