Hair Throwback: Fame-Worthy Fringe

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Bangs are one hairstyle that's never seemed to go out of style, and women (and men!) have been rocking the look for years.

The technical term for this hairstyle is "fringe," possibly coming from the fringe look of trim on shawls and ornamental fabrics. The term "bang" itself refers to the blunt cut - as it straight across the front. It is speculated that it may have come from the phrase "bang-tail" - which is when a horse's tail is cut straight across. It's a sudden or abrupt stopping point.

Both of these terms are used more loosely now, to describe all shapes and forms of the iconic cut.

Stars have worn the chopped, long, short, sweeping and straight across styles, and are still loving fringe today. It's a hairstyle that fits almost all faces, and is a great way to change up your look. When style icon Kate Moss cut her blunt bangs in the 2000's, she kept the hair trend alive, and pretty much the entire world covets Kate Middleton's long, side-swept bangs.

Michelle Obama's fringe may be the most talked about hairstyle change in recent history, the First Lady calling the new hairstyle her "midlife crisis." And sometimes that's all it takes, a new 'do to start feeling like a whole new you.

Click through the gallery above to see some of the most iconic bangs all the way back to the '20's - and our favorite looks from today!

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