The Colors You Should Be Wearing This Spring

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Each year, Pantone releases a report (more like a prediction) for the colors that will be popular each season. For Spring 2013, they were a bright and fun bunch, and we're so excited that our favorite season is finally here, so we can start wearing them!

From "Poppy Red" to "Monaco Blue" there are some colors that will work on everyone (who doesn't love navy?) and some that only few of us will be able to pull off. "Tender Shoots" is a bright, almost neon green, and while it's fun - might be best worn in a funky summer dress or as shorts rather than a full outfit. Small doses!

These colors were selected carefully, and many designers embraced them on the runway. We've pulled some of the looks from the runways, as well as an item in each color so that you can wear it yourself. Invest in "Dusk Blue" and "Grayed Jade" for sure - ok, we're biased: those are our favorites!

Now, as you may have expected, there are a few colors we do not recommend for Spring. Black, brown and grey may seem obvious don'ts to you, but far too many women bring their drab winter wardrobes into spring with them. It's okay to wear black, brown and grey alongwith your lighter tones, of course, just try to steer clear of wearing too much of them.

If you're going to grab your black leather jacket, throw it on over a pretty floral dress. And dress up those grey skinny jeans with a bright top, not the black t-shirt you may have been reaching for. If you feel the need to wear a darker color, go with navy! It's versatile and Spring-appropriate.

Fun fact: The ranking of the Pantone colors as they were used on the Spring 2013 runways:
  1. Monaco Blue, used by 13.2% of designers
  2. Dusk Blue, used by 12.6% of designers
  3. Emerald, used by 11.9% of designers
  4. Grayed Jade, used by 11.3% of designers
  5. Linen, used by 10.7% of designers
  6. Poppy Red, used by 10.1% of designers
  7. African Violet, used by 9.4% of designers
  8. Tender Shoots, used by 7.5% of designers
  9. Lemon Zest, used by 6.9% of designers
  10. Nectarine, used by 6.4% of designers

Click through the gallery above to see Spring 2013's best colors, and how you can get them for yourself!

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