How to Make Your Beauty Products Better For Your Skin

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The makeup you buy, whether it's from your local drugstore or a high end retailer, most likely boasts some great benefits for your skin. And they have these -- lots are infused with antioxidants or special moisturizers to not only make your skin look flawless, but help it get a little closer to being flawless, all on its own.

Our little secret? Makeup and beauty product combinations. We never assume that there's only one use for our favorite products, so we're constantly experimenting on how to make them even better.

If you have dry skin, mixing some lotion into your foundation before application will help nourish your skin, and if you don't feel like buying a highlighter because you'll only use it for special occasions, try blending some of your light metallic eye shadow with some cream to pat along your cheekbones.

We know that no two faces are alike, so if you want to save some money and cater your makeup to your individual needs, try some of the combinations above!

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