Jennifer Aniston's Return to the Red Carpet

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Ladies and gentlemen: Jennifer Aniston. We know we can't be the only ones who were waiting with bated breath to see what Jen would wear to the 2013 Oscars, and her red Valentino gown did not disappoint.

The best thing about Jen? She knows exactly how to pull of a perfectly balanced look. The dress was bold, so she went with natural hair and makeup. StyleList was able to speak with Jen's hair stylist Chris McMillan on how he achieved the look, and the inspiration behind it.

"The key word for the night is natural," he told us, "Jen's a California girl. She just wanted to be herself and have that natural look on the red carpet." They used all Living Proof products, a brand of which Jen is co-owner, and Chris recently signed with as Celebrity Hairstylist.

One product from Living Proof we can't wait to try is the Prime Style Extender, which was used by Chris to perfect Jen's hair. We completely agree with Chris and Jen's decision to keep her hair understated and sleek, because in Chris's own words, "you can't have both - can't have both a big glamorous hairstyle with a big glamorous dress."

And he's right, it would have been a bit too much. But instead, she looked flawless.

Click through the gallery above to see more of Jennifer Aniston's look from the 2013 Oscars.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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