Coming to a Mall Near You: Our Favorite Spring Accessories Lines

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Coming to a Mall Near You: Our Favorite Spring Accessories Lines

J.Crew Jewelry

Fan Fringe Necklace

The spring jewelry at J.Crew was heavily inspired by flowers, but these are not your grandma's jewels. Flowers are made of a chunky resing, and there are plenty of neon and cool iridescent accents.

Joie Shoes

A La Plage Nice Contrast Sandals

We love Joie for its super-soft tees and bohemian sensibility, but the standouts of it's spring collection are the minimalist shoes and sandals. From a chic pair of scarf-print loafers to flat sandals in cool shades of mint and cognac, we'll certainly be picking up a pair of these shoes immediately. 

Among the many sartorial reasons why we can't wait for spring (besides banishing winter coats and chunky sweaters from our wardrobes) are the fresh new accessories we've been seeing from some of our favorite brands.

From gorgeous jewelry to tribal accessories to minimalist shoes, click through the gallery to see our where you can find our favorite accessories come springtime - which just so happens to be right around the corner! Here's a hint: more than a few of the these items you may be able to find at your local mall.

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Photo Credit: J. Crew, Joie, Tory Burch

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