Guilt Free Shopping Guide: 50 Major Fashion Finds Under $50

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We'll admit it: Online shopping is a critical part of our daily routine. In fact, our day isn't complete without browsing our beloved bookmarked sites for pretty much anything and everything style related.

The Web, however, can be a bit of a danger to our wallets. There are so many fabulous sites; it's easy to get more than a little carried away.

Lucky for you, we scoured tons of online stores to find 50 of the coolest, chicest, most interesting clothing, shoes, and accessories with which to build your wardrobe - all $50 or under. Hopefully, you'll not only get some killer stuff (guilt-free!), but also discover some new spots add to your online arsenal. And to those who say web shopping doesn't offer the same sensory experience as actual brick-and-mortar retail therapy, well, we defy you to click through this gallery and not buy at least one thing. Happy shopping!

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