Keep Warm From Head To Toe With 20 Stylish Fur Hats and Boots

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Keep Warm From Head To Toe With 20 Stylish Fur Hats and Boots

Accabusi Hiker Hi-Top Wedges, $96; at Topshop

Photo Credit: Topshop (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

Shearling Trapper with Fur Trim, $498; at Coach

Photo Credit: Coach (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

Adrienne Landau Fox Fur-Pompom Knitted Mink & Fox Fur Hat, $295; at Neiman Marcus

Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

Calvin Klein Keona Booties, $199; at Macy's

Photo Credit: Macy's (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

Aquatalia Suede Wedge Boots, $375; at Lord&Taylor

Photo Credit: Lord&Taylor (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Short Leather Boots with Buckle Accent, $495; at Lord&Taylor

Photo Credit: Lord&Taylor (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

Roxy Women's Cambridge Ankle Boot, $74; at Amazon

Photo Credit: Amazon (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

Grace Hats Furry Hat, $50; at Urban Outfitters

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

SPLURGE ITEM! Reversible Chapka Trapper Hat, $875; at Barney's New York

Photo Credit: Barney's New York (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

EMU Australia Amborse Boots, $299; at Piperlime

Photo Credit: Piperlime (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

SPLURGE ITEM! Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Fur-Lined High Heel Boots, $995; at Saks Fifth Avenue

Photo Credit: Saks Fifth Avenue (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

Tory Burch Marley Wedge Booties, $385; at Nordstrom

Photo Credit: Nordstrom (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Short Leather Boots with Buckle Accent, $495; at Lord

Coyote Trapper, $598; at Brooks Brothers

Photo Credit: Brooks Brothers (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

Roxy Women

Stuart Weitzman Snowflake Boot, $298; at Nordstrom

Photo Credit: Nordstrom (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

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