FarmVille Beat Enchanted Glen Coming Soon

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FarmVille will soon release a "Beat Enchanted Glen" challenge.

The ultimate prize for completing Beat Enchanted Glen is a Shipping License for your Enchanted Glen farm!

FarmVille Enchanted Glen Chapter 4 Master Guide

FarmVille Beat Enchanted Glen Task 1:
Requirements: Make The Highest Level Animal in the Enchantment Shop
Rewards: 4,000 FP

FarmVille Beat Enchanted Glen Task 2:
Requirements: Get 3 Star Mastery for each of these Enchanted Glen Crops: Dark Dahlia, Butterfly Rose, Dream Cotton, Ambrosia Tulip, Elfin Tea, Fairy Foxglove, Goblin Vine, Gossamer Ivy, Honey Melon, Boggart Bulb, Nectarkin & Pixieberry
Rewards: 3 Pack of Turbo

FarmVille Beat Enchanted Glen Task 3:
Requirements: Improve the Home Mushroom to Level 9
Rewards: Instragrow

FarmVille Beat Enchanted Glen Task 4:
Requirements: Upgrade the Fairy Kitchen to Level 5
Rewards: 2,000 FP

FarmVille Beat Enchanted Glen Task 5:
Requirements: Complete All 4 of the above tasks
Rewards: Beat Enchanted Glen Statue & Shipping License for Enchanted Glen

Will you work on the Beat Enchanted Glen challenge for its rewards?

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