All About Ralph Lauren: And His Iconic American Designs

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It is the epitome of style in the "classic" sense – that all-American look. We're talking, of course, about Ralph Lauren. You know the logo: a Polo player on horseback, and you've probably owned a piece of his clothing at one time or another.

Ralph Lauren was born and raised in the Bronx, New York to Jewish immigrant parents. He idolized John F. Kennedy and James Stewart, confident that he too could one day be a well-known member of society. In high school, he was know for selling neckties that he'd made.

He attended college to study business, but only stayed for two years. He served in the army, and then worked for Brooks Brothers as a salesman for a time. Shortly after, he opened a necktie shop of his own with the "Polo" label, backed by a prominent clothing manufacturer.

It took but a few years to expand from Manhattan to Beverly Hills, and from neckties to men's and women's fashion.

He married his lovely wife in 1964, Ricky Lauren. They have three children together: two sons, Andrew and David, and a daughter Dylan. Did you know? Dylan is the owner of Dylan's Candy Bar in New York – the largest candy store in the world!

Lauren's company is focused on "high-end clothes for men and women," but we've found over the years that this high-end brand is really quite affordable. There are outlets everywhere, and while you'll still be spending a decent amount on a Polo item, they're accessible for everyday style, and pieces you'll have forever.

That's the beauty of classic style, isn't it? It never goes out of style.

Click through the gallery above to see some photos of Ralph Lauren, and the stars who can't get enough of his designs!

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