Leaving the Boxing Ring to Strut the Catwalk: Boxer is Top Model UK Finalist

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While many in the public eye have started in one field and jumped to another - such as beauty queens turned actresses! - this is one you won't hear very often.

Amy Williams, female boxer from Port Talbot, South Wales, will be leaving the boxing ring shortly: to strut the catwalk instead! Williams, 29, has been chosen as one of the finalists for Top Model UK 2013, in the over 25 category, and she is thrilled. This lady has no intention of giving up boxing, however (even if she wins).

"I didn't feel very confident when I went for auditions because it's such a big competition," she said, "but they called me back."

Williams is hoping that big things will come from this opportunity (and so are her two sons: Cameron, 11 and Finley, 5, who will be cheering her on!) but doesn't want to give up on what she's been working towards for over 6 years. Here's the catch: She has a big competition looming with the Welsh Amateur Boxing Association. Here's hoping she can dodge any direct blows to her lovely face to keep herself in prime condition for when Top Model starts in London in April!

We hope she indeed sticks to boxing as she says she will, because it's important to preserve our passions in life. Says Williams, "nothing gives me the buzz that boxing does." We're interested to see how she's feeling after her first big runway show!

Click through the gallery above to see some photos of Williams and some other famous female boxers!

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Photo Credit: Wales News Service

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