Inside the Duchess of Cambridge's Wardrobe (By Numbers)

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Kate Middleton is so popular, that the fashion magazine, British Vogue, has taken her style breakdown a step further and has charted her wardrobe by length, height, size and color (to name a few).

In the February issue of British Vogue, Kate Middleton (who turned 31-years old on January 9th) created a "Katepedia" of fashionable moments in the Duchess of Cambridges' life in the spotlight. Here are a few of our favorite highlights:

  • 1.) Kate's favorite color to wear is blue. The Duchess is photographed wearing the calming hue 24% of the time while she wears the color red 13% of the time.
  • 2.) Kate's ideal drop earring length is 33mm (that's 3.3cm)
  • 3.) Kate's favorite shoes are LK Bennett's Sledge Heel in nude with an heel height of 4inches!
  • 4.) By percentage, Kate wears her hair blowed dry 73.4% of the time and half up 13.6% of the time
  • 5.) In keeping with tradition, Kate wears her hats tilted at a perfect 50 degree angle.

Check out the gallery above to see if Vogue was right (does Kate really wear bluejQuery19106025989034678787_1368026966037).

To read more about Kate's wardrobe, click here.

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