Pack Like A Pro: Mountain Excursion

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Getting ready for holiday vacation requires not only expert outfit-selecting skills, but expert packing skills as well. And with each type of excursion comes a different type of wardrobe and packing techniques.

Whether in the lodge or on the slopes, a vacation to the mountains is always fun, cozy, and a great opportunity to wear your best warm weather gear. And with that being said, there are a few items necessary for every wardrobe: warm sweaters, stylish fur headbands, plaid (lots of it!), and unique leggings to name a few.

The most important thing to remember, especially when headed somewhere cold with big bulky clothes, is knowing how to pack those items that are going to keep you warm and toasty. A few tips and tricks to follow if you are headed somewhere chilly:

Roll, Roll, Roll:

Headed somewhere cold means there is lots to pack to keep you warm. Make sure to roll each item of clothing to maximize space in your bag. Not only will your bag be less crowded, but your clothes will be less wrinkled, too.

Wear It While You Travel:

Wear your big down coat while you travel. There's no reason to waste valuable suitcase space with the jacket you will be needing once you get to your destination.

Boots in Bags:

Boots, especially winter boots, can be dirty and clunky. The last thing you want is to get last year's mountain debris on this year's faux-fur vest. Pack your larger boots in plastic bags (even garbage bags will do), and your smaller shoes in canvas shoe bags. Trust us, your delicates will thank you.

Lots of Lounging:

Chilly climate vacations usually require a lot of lounging time with friends and family over a roaring fire and potentially some good wintery beers. Make sure to pack lots of clothes that are comfortable and cute for hanging out in your socks and sweaters.

Bulky at the Bottom:

Pack your bulkiest items – ski pants, boots, puffy vests – at the bottom of your suitcase to maximize space for the smaller items at the top of your bag. It will make closing your bag easier, and will allow for you to protect smaller more delicate items.

Click through the slideshow above to see (and shop!) all the essentials needed to look your best in the lodge and on the mountain this vacation.


Stay tuned tomorrow for our next installment in holiday vacation packing: Big City Jet Setting!

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