Your Shape, Your Style? New Year's Eve Dresses That Are Right For Your Body Type

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As if making New Year's Eve plans weren't stressful enough, with the holiday comes the added task of finding the perfect party dress that will work for your body type. If you're like us, the week before New Year's Eve might mean frantic trips to the mall, desperately seeking the perfect combination of glitter, sequins, and a style that won't look completely wrong on you.

Since last-minute shopping binges never tend to work in our favor (and usually end in a less than flattering outfit), we've planned ahead this year and put together a guide that will help you find the perfect New Year's Eve party dress, broken down by body type.

If you're unsure about the rules, use the celebrity dos and don'ts we've assembled as examples - that should make it pretty obvious. You'll find a range of styles that will flatter different figures, but one rule remains universal: the more sequins, the better.

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Add A Little Gold This New Year's Eve

Add A Little Gold This New Year's Eve
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