6 Magic Tricks for More Lustrous Locks

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You know that one actress, that one neighbor, that one girl in the cubicle next door with the super shiny hair? How do they do it? I mean, we take good care of our locks, keep them clean, slather them with conditioner, and even shield them from the sun. Yet, as hard as we try, our hair still doesn't look as glossy ashers.

To end our envy once and for all, we consulted top stylist Jade Perry from the renowned Sally Hershberger Salon in Los Angeles.

"There are several reasons some women have shiny hair while others struggle with drab, dull locks," said Perry. "Often it has to do with the texture of your strands -- straight hair tends to look shinier than curly hair. Also, darker hair tends to look shiner than lighter hair due to the way light reflects off it."

Shininess can also have something to do with the overall health of your hair -– chemical services such as coloring or straightening can dry hair out and make it lackluster. Styling products such as gels and hair sprays that contain alcohol also strip away shine.

Other dulling factors include age, sun exposure, changes in the body, and pollution.

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