Turn Up The Volume: Hair Tricks and Styles that Speak Volumes

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Hairspray, mousse, shampoo, combs... They're the volumizing veterans of hair care. Many of these products promise a bigger, bouncier 'do, but few actually work. And when it comes to teasing, I say don't do it! I, for one, would like to avoid a rat's nest on my head. But the latest development in volumizing products isn't a liquid, an aerosol, or a tool... It's a powder!

Now, I have a lot of hair and it's thick and heavy, so it's no easy feat holding up this mane! Considering many volumizing products tend to make hair sticky (product overload!) or they really dry hair out (a lot of volumizing products strip hair of moisture), I was eager to try out this powder technology and see how- and if- it really works.

Lucky for me, a few weeks ago I was getting a much-needed cut and color, and my awesome hair master Danielle Hartley gave me the new Powder Up Texturizer by L'ANZA, a product line we're both crazy about. Just like you'd sprinkle salt onto your food, all you have to do is sprinkle this stuff directly over dry hair and style. That's it. So I sprinkled onto my roots just at the crown, and then ran my fingers through my hair to distribute the powder. Somehow, some way, the powder added a ton of volume to my hair! But my hair still looked clean and smooth without a trace of product in it. And it's such a fine powder, finer than even baby powder. How this stuff works, I'm not sure... But it works!

A similar product my friends have been raving about is the Expanda Dust Volumizing Powder by UNITE. Same deal: Sprinkle over dry hair and style. They can't stop talking about it! I will say, though, these products contain starches such as potato, tapioca, and corn starch. Be sure to check the ingredients for any topical allergies before use.

So if it's volume you're after, give this new powder craze a shot!

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