We've Got You Covered: Traveling During the Holidays

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We've Got You Covered: Traveling During the Holidays

Jessica Alba navigates the airport in stride in jeans and a button down, styled with a white blazer, straw fedora, and a soft print scarf. 

Photo Credit: Alex Moss, FilmMagic/Getty Images

Selena Gomez travels comfortably in a chambray button down, leggings, and ballet flats, adding some pizzazz with a leopard scarf. 

Photo Credit: Josiah Kamau, BuzzFoto/Getty Images

Victoria Beckham looks severe and sleek, as always, in leather leggings, knee-high boots, and an over-sized satchel. 

Photo Credit: Lory Ayala BuzzFoto/Getty Images

Catherine Zeta Jones doesn't let traveling with her kids get in the way of her style. Here she is at the airport in a black shift dress, a tweed duster, and loafers. 

Photo Credit: Alo Ceballos FilmMagic/Getty Images


Anne Hathaway stays warm in a camel trench, a soft scarf, and biker boots. 

Photo Credit: Josiah Kamau, BuzzFoto/Getty Images


As wonderful as it is to reunite with family and friends, traveling during the holidays can be an absolute nightmare for some. With everyone trying to get somewhere at the same time, long lines, traffic, and delays can put a serious damper on your holiday cheer.

Add to that feeling frumpy and uncomfortable and it's almost easier to just stay put!

This year, brave the journey feeling and looking your best with some sartorial inspiration from these jet-setting stars. They know just how to rock the perfect travel-ensemble, and we're showing you exactly how to recreate their looks.

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Photo Credit: Saks Fifth Avenue, Getty Images, Net-a-porter

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