Rihanna and Kate Moss Fondle Each Other

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Attention teenage boys: Here's something to tape inside your locker/your bedroom wall! And since it's from a fashion magazine, you could even get your sister to buy it for you. Kate Moss and Rihanna got real naked and real friendly for a steamy editorial for V Magazine, which Rihanna kindly Instagrammed last night.

The pair take turns being naked and sitting on each other's laps, feeling each other up, and generally looking like badass dominatrices. Whips, lace bodysuits, and heavy eyeliner? Check, check, and check! Garters, stilettos, and chokers? All there! Nothing subtle about this shoot. (And if you can actually pay attention to the lingerie, it's quite pretty.)

Grazia likens it to 50 Shades of Grey, everyone's favorite light-hearted BDSM novel, but who's the dom and who's the submissive here? Yes, Kate is the older and presumably wiser of the two, but she has those innocent doe eyes–Rihanna could obviously get the super to do her bidding.

We've reached out to V for more deets on the shoot and will update when we hear back.

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Photos: Rihanna Instagram (Courtesy of Fashionista)

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