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We've Got You Covered: Layer Like A Pro

Celebs have been spotted all around the country layering up for the transition Fall. It's that temperate season when it's not too hot and not too cold, so it's wise to keep your sartorial options open.

Lots of layers let you bundle up against the cold outdoors and shed them if it's warm inside. Plus, mixing and matching various elements gives you an unlimited number of ways to style the different pieces in your wardrobe.

With an eclectic mix of glitz and grunge, Urban Outfitters offer a ranges of great layer-friendly items--tanks, jackets, scarves, and sweaters--to fit your personal style.

View the slideshow above for a trendy collection inspired by these celebs' stylish looks!

Photo Credit: Alo Ceballos, Getty Images

Little Leather Jackets

Little Leather Jackets

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