The Angels' Glow: Interview With Makeup Artist Tom Pecheux

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This past week we were fortunate to attend one of the most anticipated events of the year: the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

It was a spectacle unlike any other and would certainly not have made such an impression on show goers had it not been for renowned makeup artist Tom Pecheux's magic touch. Before the show were given several minutes to sit down with Tom to pick his brain regarding the show, beauty tips and secrets, and more. Read on to find out what he had to say!

StyleList (SL): How are you doing today, Tom?

Tom Pecheux (TP): A little busy, and you?

SL: We're well! So how are you feeling about tonight's show? Excited? It's a lot of work going into just one night.
Well I'm not a virgin anymore; this is my fourth show in a row [with Victoria's Secret]. And I'm just so proud and so pleased to be's magical. There are not many things in the world that bring this much energy into such a small place. The girls are beyond crazy amazing and you know they're asking me to do what I like to do most which is apply makeup and make women look their best...I'm in heaven!

SL: For this show what's your style like? Is there any particular palette that you'll be using or are there any accents we'll see that are your signature?
Victoria's Secret is known to show on the runway the most amazing outfits but more than anything the most amazing girls in the world. I think today we have 38 angels, because they're all angels, and they are the 38 most incredible angels in the world and there are no others as they've got them all here. So you can imagine the atmosphere in the room; it doesn't matter who you are and what you like to have that many amazing girls in one room is just beyond.

SL: So for our viewer's at home, the everyday woman, what is one beauty tip that you could give that many of them may not know?
Well the one thing you have to do is to treat your skin very carefully. Whatever we do we always start with a good massage; it doesn't matter if I give love to the skin or if you give love to your own skin I think your face and your body will give it back to you. You know you just have to treat your skin very well. And the keyword of VS is sexiness and for me there isn't sexiness without a glow. So the glow is know the good skin care products the good massages are very important. After you need a bit of foundation, you need a bit of concealer, and of course you need a little bit of black and brown around the eyes, you need mascara. Eventually fake eyelashes one by one if needed; we don't put them on every girl. Peachy cheeks because we dropped the bronzy look as it was too much of a fakeness. The girls look much more like they're coming back from a short weekend in Miami and they've been eating and having a healthy life and hopefully that's what the world is going for...I mean it's what the world should be going for. And after it's a little bit of color; it's a berry or pink lipstick. And of course highlight is very important.

SL: You mentioned taking care of your skin. Are there any particular products that you'd recommend or that you'd never be without?
Well, I do love the Olio Lusso by Rodin Oil for the massage it's amazing. And I [also] do love the Eliminator Primer from Victoria's Secret...that's what gives the glow. The oil will help give the glow and this will finish by bringing such an incredible highlight on your face.

SL: In doing an event like this, you have the opportunity to work alongside so many amazing individuals, but is there any one client, not necessarily here today, that you absolutely love?
Well, can I be honest with you [and say] I am a very spoiled guy. I've been working for many years and now I only work with incredible people; I don't want to waste my time. You know I've done it in the past, when you start that's what you have to go through but thank god I made it. You know in a way, I don't know if I've made it or not, but I'm successful enough to choose the people I want to work with and I am treated well. I do believe that you cant do anything nice if you don't love each other and I think that people forget a lot about that. So whoever wants to bring torture into this amazing know it's not for me.

SL: Great! Well good luck tonight everything looks amazing!
Thank you!

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