Bardot a-Go-Go: The Best Brigitte Bardot-Inspired Editorials

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You don't need to have lived through the '60s to get why Brigitte Bardot's sex kitten bombshell look is just as popular now as it was in her heyday. Case in point? Kate Moss's just-released Vanity Fair shoot, which sees the super channeling the French actress in a bleach blonde banged-wig and a wicked black cat eye. Then there's Kate Upton, who recently tweeted some heavily faux-lashed snaps from her Bardot-influenced upcoming V Magazine spread.

But the Kates aren't the only ones who've taken major Bardot-inspo. We've rounded up the best Brigitte Bardot-esque editorials in all the land for your viewing pleasure. So forget everything your hairdresser ever warned you about teasing and bleaching, grab some liquid liner, and get clicking. And as for every controversial word out of Bardot from the '90s on (of which there are far too many)...just this once, we're talking strictly outer beauty. Enjoy!

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