Curator Love: Easy Update - Add A Vest

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(I told you I was into the earmuffs. They're staying right where they are for the rest of the year, thanks.)

For my final fall look put together using pieces I found at TJ Maxx, I went for an outfit that works for pretty much anything you'd like to do all weekend long. Shopping? Sure. Brunch? Yes. Dinner? Just lose the earmuffs and tuck the strap on the bag inside to transform it into a clutch, and you're good.

To me, what really makes this outfit is that truly amazing shearling vest (it was $24, which is so much less than it should be that it almost doesn't make sense, but hey: I'll take it). I never used to be particularly into vests – they seemed sort of extraneous and fussy – but once I started playing around with them I realized that they're a great way to up the interest factor of even the most basic pieces. Because really, all I'm wearing here is a cream-colored blouse and jeans – it's the vest that turns the whole thing into an "outfit".

It's sort of like with print-mixing: once you commit to the look and start having a little fun with it, the possibilities of your wardrobe open up exponentially.

Photo Credit: Ramshackle Glam

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