The Secret to Halle Berry's Stunning Look on the Red Carpet

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We had the pleasure to catch up with Halle Berry's makeup artist for the "Cloud Atlas" premiere, Kara Yoshimoto Bua, Chanel Celebrity Makeup Artist. Kara was lucky enough to work with the gorgeous Revlon Global Brand Ambassador, and created a strong eye look to complement her stunning Dolce & Gabbana dress. We talked all about working with Halle (she hates eyelash curlers!), and also, some of Kara's personal dos and don'ts when it comes to exceptional beauty for all women.

On Halle's overall look, Kara commented, "to keep the feeling strong on this modern yet romantic Dolce and Gabbana lace dress, I created an eye look with blended charcoals and shimmery silvers to complement the silver colors in the dress. Her lips and cheeks were kept subtle in soft peaches."

Check out the photos from the event in the slideshow above, and read all the secret tips and tricks from Halle Berry's makeup artist below.

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StyleList (SL): What were some of the specific products you used for Halle this evening?

Kara Yoshimoto Bua (KYB): All Chanel and Revlon products.

SL: How long did it take to do Halle's makeup tonight?

KYB: Oh, lets see, probably about 45 minutes to an hour.

SL: What's the best part about working with Halle?

KYB: Halle was pretty much, like, "Kara, do your thing. I'm just going to let you do whatever you want. Just don't use an eyelash curler."

SL: That's so funny!

KYB: It's her least favorite thing [the eyelash curler]. So, recently we discovered her lashes look exactly the same without [using] it. Her eyelashes still stand out as much as they would without it.

SL: Lucky lady! Well, with that being one of the best things about working with Halle, was there anything challenging about working with her?

KYB: The biggest challenge is that she is so darn beautiful, that you don't want to mess that up! You don't want to cover that up. She's such a natural beauty, and sometimes its harder to put less makeup on people, and have it still look like who they are, and make a statement with it. I don't want to change her. Sometimes people make a mistake of putting too much makeup on people, and then it covers them up and it s not beautiful anymore.

SL: We wish that was a challenge for everyone when they did makeup! Are there any beauty habits of Halle's that you agree with?

KYB: Well, she takes real good care of her skin, and she eats well.

SL: Who are some of the other clients that you work with?

KYB: I work with Rachel Weiss, Jessica Biel, Kirsten Dunst, Selma Blair, and Michelle Williams [to name a few].

SL: Is there any sort of makeup mistake that you see that some stars are doing?

KYB: Once again, sometimes I feel like people put too much makeup on, and there is an art to less is more. I think with good products, and a lighter hand, people can get the look they want, or bring out their beauty and cover their flaws.

SL: What's your one favorite items to keep in your makeup bag, and everyone else should have in their bag too?

KYB: I love my eyeliner pencils. I would say a woman is an eyeliner girl or a makeup girl. I'm an eyeliner girl. My personal favorite product is the Chanel Eye Definer in espresso – that's all I wear. It's waterproof, too.

SL: We are eyeliner girls, too!

KYB: Take eyeliner, and rub a little bit of that on your eyebrows. Good moisturizer and good lip balm, and I'm good to go!

SL: Any dream client you would like to work with?

KYB: I would say, Halle! She really is the dream client! Not just because of her beauty, but she is so cool. She's a girl's girl, and I feel so comfortable with her. I just love her; love her as a person; and love her face.

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Halle Berry's Chanel and Revlon Red Carpet Look

Halle Berry's Chanel and Revlon Red Carpet Look
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