Road Test: In-Salon vs. At-Home Treatments

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Summer is peak season for beauty treatments. From spray tans to bikini waxes, it seems like the higher the temperature gets, the more high maintenance we become. And it makes perfect sense -- if we're showing more skin, we want that skin to look as pretty as possible.

I'd rather be at a spa than just about anywhere else, but even I experience beauty treatment fatigue this time of year. Not to mention the cost of salon treatments and the significant time commitment -- I could spend my entire summer getting ready for the beach without ever actually stepping a well-pedicured foot onto the sand.

This is where at-home beauty treatments come in. Fortunately, there are at-home versions of just about every service imaginable. Maybe it's a result of the recession, but more and more companies are dedicating time and energy to making DIY products that are as good -- or even better -- than the ones you'd find at a spa or salon.

I set out to test some of the newest at-home versions of these treatments, and I asked experts to weigh in with their recommendations as well. Much of what they said was surprising (it's pretty awesome when a salon owner tells you when to not come into the salon). Read on for the at-home beauty treatments that'll get you feeling primped and primed for the season -- with enough time and cash to really enjoy everything summer has to offer.

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