Go Gaga for Midwest Designer Sara Cramer's Jewelry

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Sara Cramer is a tad too talented.

After tinkering with bookbinding, letterpress, window dressing, and graphic design, she settled on her craft of choice: jewelry making.

Today, in a loft space in Kansas City, Missouri's Crossroads Arts District, Cramer carefully nudges square glass beads in every color imaginable onto sturdy nylon thread (large pieces can take up to ten hours of labor).

The result is a brilliant collection with a twist - Cramer gives you options. Into the patterned loop necklace but unsure if you and gold are a match? She'll make it for you in red, magenta, lilac, or all three.

Have fun playing with the color wheel when eyeing stackable cuffs, tribal-inspired breastplate necklaces, and earrings.

Being picky never looked so good.

Available at Caza, 1459 North Milwaukee Avenue, between Evergreen Avenue and Honore Street (773-227-7774 or cazachicago.com); at etsy.com, $25-$225.

Photo Credit: Sara Cramer (Courtesy: DailyCandy)

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