15 Best Hair Care Products Under $10

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There's a misconception that you have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks -- so not true. Yes, there's something glamorous about wearing Chanel lipstick and picking up some Kerastase hair care products while you're finishing up at the salon, but there are cheapie products that yield shockingly similar -- if not better -- results.

Case in point, there are boatloads of highly-rated hair care products for $10 and under that have been reviewed by our readers. They prove that you can have beautiful hair without shelling out a ton of cash. See the top-rated products now.

Not convinced? Here are some of our reviewers' testimonials about how these products are "low cost" with "high quality results":

"It's cheap and it's wonderful!"

"Alas! No longer do I spend my money on overrated products to keep my hair healthy and clean. Suave delivers with sheen equal to that of its competitors at a fraction of the cost."

"I think I've tried every serum out there, including the very high-priced ones, and this is my hands down favorite."

"This stuff is pretty amazing for something cheap that you can pick up at the drugstore."

"This has to be the #1 clarifying shampoo on the shelves."

"Great buy for the price."

"I have paid big bucks at a salon for a deep conditioning treatment that I did not like as much as this."

"After using more expensive salon brands for a long time, I just decided to try this and I'm hooked."

"Save money and just use this. Excellent."

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