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So I'm doing this thing where I'm just never going to smile in photos again. I know I keep talking about this whole lipstick thing, but, it's actually changing my life. Whenever I put it on and someone asks me to smile for a picture, I just curve my lips and try to look as too-cool as possible. Why is that? I'm usually grinning like a buffoon at all times, especially when posing for oncoming traffic in the East Village. I don't think I'm the only with this affliction, though. I feel like all the fancy, grown up ladies I know who wear lipstick do a lot of "smizing." Right?

I hold this Kooba bag near-and-dear, and use it religiously. Kooba was the first brand to reach out to me through my blog, after I put this bag in a round up of camel-colored items for fall 2010 (yep, that long ago). They sent me the bag, which became my first "c/o" item, which was totally nerve-wracking. I've worked with them several times following, and I love their people as much as I love their bags.

Meghan and I have started doing this thing where we meet on the corner of 12th Street and Avenue A before work in the morning to take photos for each other. Coincidentally (or ironically?) these are the days I struggle the most to put together an acceptably bloggable outfit. That fall chill I've been talking about inspired me to bust out this super-cozy cashmere sweater from Zadig et Voltaire and my equally comfortable boyfriend jeans and trusty tassel flats. Whether that qualifies as bloggable is certainly questionable, but here it is.

Photo Credit: shut up, I love that shirt on you

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