Out for the Night or in Costume?

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Have you ever been out and wondered why the person standing next to you on the subway was dressed up as if they had just come off the planet Mars? Or why the woman at the grocery store check-out resembles Snooki a bit too much? Let's face it, by now, if you haven't picked out your costume at the Halloween store, you're not going to find what you are looking for which is always frustrating.

If you are a procrastinator like us, finding the right costume in your own closet is the next best option. Ever wonder what you would be in your pink sheath dress and a crown? How about Honey Boo Boo? With a striped shirt and a white wig we see Andy Warhol. We know Halloween isn't for everyone, but check out some of these celebs and envision what Halloween costume they could be sporting if they had an accessory or two to set them apart.

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