The Craziest Celeb Diets and Beauty Routines

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We've all tried a crazy diet (or two), but these celebrities know how to commit to the crazy. From eating salmon three times a day to substituting ice cubes for food, some celebrities will do just about anything to stay in tip-top shape for the camera. Recently, our friends at The Cut published, "Raw Eggs in Milk? Trying Marilyn Monroe's Diet" which took a look at the famous starlet's diet regime: warm milk mixed with two warm eggs for breakfast; no lunch; broiled steak and 4-5 raw carrots for dinner; and for an evening snack... a hot fudge sundae.

We love the idea of the hot fudge sundae (who wouldn't), but we cringe at the idea of a raw egg smoothie every morning. This diet regimen - or state of torture - got us thinking about what other fads celebrities have tried in order to stay slim. Would you try the "Master Cleanse," made famous by Beyonce, or our favorite, the "Cookie Diet," attempted by Snooki and Kim K? Take a look at the slideshow above into the wacky world of celebrity diets.

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