Campaign Chic: An Inside Look

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With the 2012 Presidential election upon us, all eyes are, and have been, on the candidates and their families. From press conferences to surprise stops at the local diner, the candidates have to be ready for anything.

While we appreciate Mitt's khaki pants and President Obama's cargo bomber jacket, the women in this election have really caught our attention. Ann and Michelle continue to shine while newcomer, Janna Ryan, and seasoned veteran, Dr. Jill Biden, have started to make their mark.

We love Ann's conservative yet chic look on the campaign trail. We've seen her in plenty of reds & blues, while keeping covered with beautiful shawls and cropped sweaters. It's great to see her dressed down in a cool blue jean top at her grandson's soccer game or in a black and white flannel at a rally in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Michelle, meanwhile, is certainly not afraid to show off those toned arms, whether in an elegant and sophisticated sheath dress or while playing soccer with David Beckham. Her style has been well documented since before she became first lady, and we've definitely seen it evolve from bulky blazers to fitted dresses and tailored suits.

Janna, new to the spotlight, is confident and cool next to her husband, Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan. Her style continues to surprise us with many of her outfits coming from affordable stores like Talbots and Anne Klein. Dr. Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, never disappoints, from keeping it casual in a white cable knit sweater and light blue pants, to looking professional in a Kelly green dress.

Regardless of the outcome next month, these women have taught us all a lesson in looking and feeling good under a big spotlight.

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Michelle and Ann's Campaign Style

Michelle and Ann's Campaign Style
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