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Hermes Scarves' Artist is Texas Postal Worker

Hermes Scarves' Artist is Texas Postal Worker

Turns out the one behind the famous French fashion label's limited edition scarves is not a trained Parisian artist, but a postal worker from Waco, Texas, named Kermit Oliver.

Oliver sifts mail during the day, and paints at night. According to the Texas Monthly, who recently did a revealing profile on the artist, noted that Oliver was discovered in the 1980s by then Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas. He has since kept his job at the Post Office, preferring a simple and quieter life to one of fame and notoriety. His artwork, most well-known for its intricacy of design and depictions of flora, fauna, and exotic animals, is produced in limited edition. Over the past 30 years, he has designed 16 exquisite scarves for Hermes, each of which take anywhere from six to nine months to create. His exceptional designs are so sought after, that his scarves usually sell out immediately in stores, and if they do end up on eBay, sell for at least $800, according to the Texas Monthly. Hermes scarves usually sell for anywhere between $200-$500.

We're off the to closest Michael's crafts store to start getting creative ourselves!

Photo Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

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