4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates: The City of Angels

In our third installment of 4 cities, 4 looks, 4 climates, we take a look at the "city of Angels." We all have our preconceived notion of what fashionista's in LA may wear but from this gallery, the cast of the Hills has nothing on these girls. We saw plenty of skirts and sheer tops but what surprised us even more was the vast array of boots!

Yesterday, we took a look at the perfect fall boots and it looks like LA is right on trend. Compared to Chicago and Charlotte, LA's everyday style is unique. Their finesse at casual chic makes them stand apart (it also doesn't hurt that it's 70 and sunny). If these ladies are any indication of the style in LA, we are all in!

Photo Credit: StudioNow

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