Taking The Dress Code Too Far?

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How short is too short? According to Stansbury High in Utah, it's to the knee.

Dozens of teens attending the biggest social event of the year – homecoming - were turned away at the door due to an outdated dress code policy that demands that dresses be "at or near knee length." The teens (and their parents) had proactively spent hundreds of dollars altering their duds to meet the dress code. However, many students were still denied access to the homecoming dance they had been looking forward to due to an inch of thigh being revealed.

The principal has since been forced to apologize for the incident, and has promised another dance will be held.

We knew some schools were strict – but holy colonial dress code! Compared to most dance-outfits we see on youngsters these days (tweens even rocking Herve Leger), the teens of Stansbury High seem perfectly appropriate and demure.

What do you think? How short is too short, and did the school take the rules too far?

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