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Mile high fashion marks for both candidates.

Last night, an estimated 50 million viewers tuned in to watch President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney debate for the first time at the University of Denver. The candidates prepared all week going over talking points, strategy, and as we mentioned yesterday, the always important choice of wardrobe.

Each candidate walked the delicate line of power and approachability.

President Obama wore a fitted dark blue suit with a spotted blue tie and the always present American flag pin on his lapel. Former Governor Romney sported a black tailored suit with a red striped tie and American flag as well. We see a trend in accessories.

And we can't forget about the women.

Michelle and Ann, two women who know how to dress, did not disappoint last night. Michelle wore a blue shift suit with patterned blouse while Ann dawned a cream shift dress and pearls.

In case you missed last night's debate, we've recapped all the fashion above!

Photo Credit: AP

Michelle and Ann's Campaign Style

Michelle and Ann's Campaign Style
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