Presidential Debate Style, Now and Then

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Americans typically tune into Presidential debates to learn where the candidates stand on the issues and how they will move the country forward. Why do we tune in?

The fashion.

While we agree that debates are important in any election, we also agree that the fashion in these debates is just as important. Have you ever noticed the color of a tie? Or the length of a dress? These minor details are all a part of the preparation. In recent debates, most candidates have chosen between two tie colors, red or blue. Why? Some believe the color red shows power while the color blue shows calm. But this doesn't just go for men: During the 2008 Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton wore red suits and blue suits more than any other color, and she looked great doing it.

We can debate all we want on our political beliefs, but it is so much more fun looking back at debate fashion. See any patterns?

Photo Credit: J. David Ake, AFP/Getty Images

Michelle and Ann's Campaign Style

Michelle and Ann's Campaign Style

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