10 Ways To Wear Mod Fashion Trends for Fall

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Mod fashion is one of the most distinguishable of vintage styles thanks to its colorful prints, jaw-dropping hemlines and innovative designs that until the 1960s, had never been considered fashionable before.

The '60s mod girl was a courageous one because she wasn't afraid to explore the "bold" side of dressing. In the 1960s, the quintessential mod look was a colorful abstract print A-line dress with an attached metal buckle belt worn with a pair of colored tights and white or silver boots.

Sure, the above ensemble works for your Halloween costume, but if you want to dress with mod style for 2012, you can't expect to be taken seriously wearing head-to-toe '60s fashion (trust me, I've tried!)

That's why selectively choosing one trend of mod fashion is the way to go for a modern mod look. Keep reading after the jump for everything you ever wanted to know about how to wear mod fashion without looking like Twiggy or a go-go dancer!

To keep your mod look fresh, I suggested both vintage and modern equivalencies for many of the 10 mod fashion trends listed below. I especially love ModCloth for vintage style looks as inspired by '60s fashion!

What's your opinion: Is mod fashion back in style, or do you risk looking like a character channeling those trends of the '60s?

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