How to Find a Comfortable and Affordable Work Bag

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How to Find a Comfortable and Affordable Work Bag

1. Try a backpack.

The biggest issue with carrying a lot of stuff is that all that stuff will hurt your back. Aside from a roller bag, Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Associate Professor at the University of California, San Diego Dr. Douglas Chang told us to use a padded backpack.

2. Pick a bag made out of a lighter fabric.

Nylon, canvas, and straw are all much lighter weight than leather. So even if you are still trucking a lot along, you won

3. Find one with thick straps.

Part of the reason a heavy bag hurts so much is because the straps are too thin and dig into your shoulders. Find nice sturdy straps that stay steady on your shoulder.


If you're anything like us, you schlep stuff. A lot of stuff. So to ease the pain of carrying a serious amount of things to and from the office, here are a few tips for finding the perfect work bag that won't break your back-or the bank.

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