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StyleList caught up with Grammy award winning singer, Alicia Keys, where we talked apps, style, and much more! The singer - and new mom - released an interactive kids app titled, "The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee" which is about a young New York City girl's relationship with her grandmother. The app integrates storytelling, music sung by Keys, and an interactive journal, all into one kid-friendly app on sale now for $3.99 on iTunes.

When we spoke to Alicia, she was wrapping up her promotional blitz for the app and gearing up for her new album release, which is set to take place November 2012. We were thrilled to ask Alicia about her fabulous style, but first, we wanted a sneak peak at her new tech venture!

StyleList (SL): Why did you decide to develop this app? What inspired you?

Alicia Keys (AK): Right after my son was born, I felt inspired to get into the children's space. I was starting to introduce him to different and interesting things like DVD's and TV shows and I thought how cool it would be to create something unique like this app. I wanted to bring together different cultures and sounds and ideas into a child's world and I felt like the children's space was missing this.

SL: Why did you choose to create an app instead of a children's book or TV show?

AK: I chose an app because the space is unlimited and uncharted, I can create an imaginary world and I can create the world I want it to be.

SL: The theme of the app and the main song you sing is called "Unlock Yourself." What do you hope kids take away from this message?

AK: I hope kids can escape and really use their imaginations. I want them to experience different cultures and ideas while learning. Mama Mae gives LeeLee a locket, which when it opens takes her to this far off world. It's the type of world I hope every child can go to, where they can explore and have fun and be kids.

SL: We love your personal style but we're wondering how your style has changed since becoming a mother?

AK: I actually think I care more about my style now then when I was not a mom. Being a mother has made me appreciate my womanhood. I'm more about finding a way to be comfortable and put together. I've got this amazing new lease on life since becoming a mother.

SL: We can't help but ask... what is the one product you can't live without?

AK: Black eyeliner!

SL: One last question. You've been so busy with the release of this app and your album coming out this November; have you cracked the code on finding the right work-life balance?

AK: We're all trying to crack the code! So don't feel bad. We are so good at scheduling everything else, our appointments, meetings, anything, that you can't forget to make time for yourself. You have to schedule yourself and your family into your life. I choose things to do; I'm proactive. At least once a month, I schedule a special weekend with my husband. I have to and I want to and it makes me really happy.

We had such an amazing time speaking with Alicia, and we can't wait to see what else she has in store.

Alicia also dished about her favorite foods and childhood memories on our sister site, Kitchen Daily! Read the full article here.

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