How to Mix Your Hairstyling Products

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We're always hoping the next hairstyling product we buy will be the miracle in a bottle we've been searching for. And when we plonk down our plastic, we're convinced that it'll finally make our flat, frizzy, or unruly hair look full, smooth, and fabulous.

Armed with this kind of hope, we buy the fancy mousse/anti-frizz cream/serum and, more often than not, it doesn't do the kind of miracle-work we were banking on. And here's why, say stylists: No matter what the label promises, no one hair product will make your hair dreams come true. The reason? Hairstyling products need to be paired together in order for you to get that straight-from-the-salon effect.

Ever notice how your stylist mixes different creams or serums in the palm of her hand before applying to your hair? She's not doing that willy-nilly. What she's doing is creating a custom concoction so that you walk out of the salon with perfect hair.

But before you get discouraged, wishing you'd paid better attention in chemistry class, keep reading. We talked to our go-to stylists about easy hairstyling product mixes (we're talking two products in each recipe max!) to help you pull off these hair cocktails. Now, get blending.

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