The Fall 2012 Jewelry Guide - The Biggest Trends

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The Fall 2012 Jewelry Guide - The Biggest Trends


Where we saw itLanvinRoberto Cavalli

Why we love it: Well, first of all, who doesn't love animals? Whether you're going cutesy with giraffes and llamas or getting a bit more fierce with a panther- or snake-adorned piece, you can bet that wearing an animal around your neck or wrist will grab attention — and best of all, no actual animals are harmed in the process.

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Where we saw itOscar de la RentaDolce & Gabbana

Why we love it: The 17th-century trend is a great excuse to go all out with opulent, ornate pieces. In this case, the more over-the-top, the better; details like roses, skulls, scrolls, and all things Rococo are the way to go.

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Oscar de la Renta Baroque Brooch-Pendant Necklace

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Statement Stones

Where we saw itBottega VenetaVersace, Chanel

Why we love it: Things got natural on the Fall runways, with designers showing geodes, drusy, pyrite, and other earthy, rough-cut jewels. Even though these gems are unfinished, they're actually the perfect way to top your look, especially for evening.

By: FabSugar

By: FabSugar (photo credit: Getty)

Eastern Influence

Where we saw itJason WuProenza SchoulerZac PosenJen Kao

Why we love it: East-meets-West influences were everywhere for Fall, with designers getting in on the Asian-inspired look in more ways than one. With accessories, the aesthetic came through with tassels, fans, and traditional jade stones, resulting in a pitch-perfect play on modern Chinoiserie.

By: FabSugar

By: FabSugar (photo credit: catwalking)

Accessories really can make or break your look - so when it comes to shopping for a new season's worth of baubles, the amount of options can be overwhelming. We're hoping to help you out by breaking down the biggest Fall 2012 jewelry trends from the runway, and showing you how to get the look for yourself - no matter what your budget is.

Click through now to see and shop this season's hottest jewelry, handpicked by our editors.

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