Game of the Day: WHATword?

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whatword what word game of the day
Half match-3, half word game, WHATword? is an addictive word-making challenge. Line up letters to form words and knock them off the screen. But be careful because as soon as you clear a word, new balls will drop in to fill the gap. Line up various words, make an extra-long word, or use a special bonus letter; and you'll get heaps of extra points. To advance to the next level, complete all the WHATwords!

See how far you can get before the WHATwords become too difficult!

Click here to play WHATword?!
whatword what word game of the daywhatword what word game of the day
Pro Tips:
  • When in trouble, mash the "Blast" button to rearrange the letters on the board.
  • When you're lining up a WHATword, be careful not to create any other combos by accident. It might be a long time before the letters you need arrive in unison again.

Click here to play WHATword?!

How many levels did you clear in WHATwords?
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