FarmVille Pic of the Day: Mateimiana's tidy collection of bridges and ponds

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farmville mateimiana featured farm
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Today's featured farm is a bizarre design created by Mateimiana. This abstract creation seems to have been carefully organized to be symmetrical, creating a very nice effect. This FarmVille artist has quite an interesting collection of items and has them all on display. I don't think I've ever seen quite so many ponds or bridges. It must have taken a long time to gather all of those, a very impressive feat.
farmville mateimiana featured farm
However, one thing bugs me about this FarmVille Design. I'm not a fan of the surrounding crops, it seems like wasted space that could have been used to expand the very aesthetically pleasing design. But, I know a farmer needs to farm. So if anything, this simply means Mateimiana's farm has loads of room for improvement; it can only get better from here!

What do you folks think of Mateimiana's farm?

If you have an AWESOME FarmVille farm that you want to see featured on, please email a picture to, Include a few words about the inspiration for your design and maybe a few tips for people who need an assist!
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