New FrontierVille Livestock: Sheep, Pigs and Goats ... oh my?

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White Pig White Goat Grey Sheep
No? Oh well, it was worth a shot (tough crowd). Anyway, Zynga has released new animals to FrontierVille for the new Livestock Pen building. Now, players can find two new Sheep, Goats and Pigs each to collect. However, I'll warn you now that they're not very appealing. They're rather bland, actually (why even release them?).
Black Sheep Black Pig Black Goat
To find these animals, you have to collect the Daily Bonus from the Livestock Pen, which could drop any of the six animals at random. FrontierVille Info guesses that perhaps the types of animals you have in the Livestock Pen influence the chances of certain animals dropping from the Daily Bonus. However, that is simply a theory, though worth a shot nonetheless.

[Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

Which of these new Livestock animals are your favorites, if any? What types of animals do you wish would be released in the future? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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