Susie Castillo Talks To 'Today Show' About TSA Rant

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Today Show/NBC

Former beauty queen and MTV VJ Susie Castillo took to her blog last week to complain about an invasive TSA pat down at the Dallas-Forth Worth airport. Now she's speaking out on a more official platform: the 'Today Show.'

Castillo spoke with Meredith Vieira on Tuesday about the pat downs, calling them a "violation of our rights."

Though she doesn't plan on pressing charges against the TSA, she called it a "slippery slope. How far are we going to let this go? Are rectal exams in our future?"

Castillo told Vieira she had received well over a thousand comments from fellow fliers--most offering positive feedback--after her video went viral.

WATCH Castillo's interview with Vieira below (and check out her original rant at the Dallas airport, below).

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Susie's Experience with the TSA Pat Down from on Vimeo.

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